Creating Icons in os.js


Like we have icons on our desktops, can we do the same in os.js. I couldn’t find it in the documentation.
What i was hoping was to have an icon for an application on the page and when user double clicks it then the iframe window should open up.


There’s currently no dekstop iconview in v3.

A community user started on this, but I’m not sure about the state of it.

I’ll try to figure out the status of that, and if there’s not much progression I’ll handle that task myself.

v3 is in its final stages before release, and this is one of the features I’d like to have in place, so I’ll look into it ASAP.


… Awesome! Thanks!


I’ve actually made the GUI component for this, it’s just not implemented.

So if it turns out that I can do this instead of the community user, it should be pretty trivial and in the next update.