'dblclick' event on gui-list-view



I have ‘gui-list-view’ for users list, just use .on(‘dblclick’) or .on(‘click’) this is not work.

 this._find('users').on('dblclick', function() {
      this._find('Statusbar').set('value', 'Test');


Use activate instead of dblclick and select instead of click.


Thanks man, this work


Glad to hear, and to be of help :slight_smile:


To avoid opening a new topic.

How do to launch an application with arguments, in another app ?


If you’re on v2.1 it’s Process.create('ApplicationName', {arg: 'here'}) and on v2.0 its the same, but API.launch() instead.

If you’re still on 2.0, I’d suggest looking into upgrading. You can find an article about that here in the announcements.


Ref: https://api.os-js.org/client/class/javascript/core/process.js~Process.html#static-method-create


Thanks, this is nice project i love it