DIsplay application & vfs for specific group



Possible to display apps and vfs for specific group ?



Currently hiding VFS mountpoint on a user basis is not an option.

As for packages, the groups entry in the metadata.json makes it possible to hide on a per-group basis. Some of the authentication adapters also supports providing a blacklist to hide packages on per-name basis.

If you open issues in the client modile I’ll add the option to do what you want:

  1. Configuration option that allows for activating when the user belongs to given group(s)
  2. Configuration option that hides or shows packages to a user based on a group they belong to


Just expanding on this a bit. VFS mountpoints can have groups added to them, but this is only for access, not actually hiding them from the frontend.


Is possible to add this option ?
I try to do it myself but I’m not very good.


Yes, it’s possible. If you open issues in the link I sent you I will look at it as soon as possible. If you don’t have a Github account, I can open the issues myself, but it’s preferable that you do it so you get status updates etc.


This has been implemented:

As well as a non-strict group matching option. So now you can set group requirements to mach only some of the groups, and not all of them.