How can i setup os.js?


I know this is a stupid question but im kinda new to javascript
and yeah…

so how can i set it up?


I suggest that you use version 3.

Simply follow the instructions in the readme file.

You need to have at least node version 8 installed.


Step 1 - Download

git clone -b v3 --single-branch

If you don’t have git, just download and extract the latest release:

Step 2 - Build and run

Inside the git (or extracted) directory:

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Discover installed (and default) packages
npm run package:discover

# Build the client bundle
npm run build

# And finally start the server
npm run serve

Step 3 - Run in browser

Now, open http://localhost:8000


Everything is documented (including those steps) in the official manual:

As well as the README file: