How to register in OS js?


How do I register to log into the OS on another PC?


Sorry, but I’m not really sure what you mean by this, more spesifically the “another PC” part.


I mean: How to register (create an account for logging into OS js) so that the files that I have uploaded to the system are available from another PC, i.e. system settings and files do not depend on the PC, but on which account I logged in from.


There is no out-of-the-box registration feature in the UI, but you can add your own (registration is technically supported under the hood).

By default the user home(s) is bound to the local filesystem on the server, but you can make use of utilities to point this to any kind of storage (even remote).

The same goes for system settings.

If you need any pointers on how to set this up yourself, let me know.


I want to know how to do it


Well, first you have to set up your own instance, then enable login. You can find this info in the manual.


And where do you need to insert commands?


I did not find the command line or terminal


You do this on your own computer or server.