How to uninstall a package


I tried to uninstall the MusicPlayer package from os.js running on my system using the command

node osjs config:remove --name=repositories --value=MusicPlayer

I even trier node osjs config:remove --name=default --value=MusicPlayer
and node osjs config:remove --name=MusicPlayer --key=default

but nothing is working.

Can you tell me how to remove a package?




On v2 you can run node osjs config:add --name=packages.ForceDisable --key=ApplicationMusicPlayer & node osjs build:config, I believe to forcefully disable a package. My mind is a bit blurry at the moment.

As a side-node (in case anyone else comes upon this), on v3 you just run npm remove @osjs/musicplayer-application & npm run package:discover.


Sorry, the correct usage was osjs config:add --key=packages.ForceDisable --value=ApplicationMusicPlayer


I tried both the osjs config:add commands and then ran the node osjs build:config. After that i ran the node osjs run command but still it doesn’t disable the app. I can see the app in the os


Try node osjs build:manifest as well. Make sure that your browser haven’t cached anything as well.


yeah, that worked! thank yoU! :slight_smile: