Language changes to french [SOLVED]


if you load the first link, it’ll 9 times out of 10 change to french each time. The second link allows you to see the source.
please help!


If you’re a French speaker you probably have your computer set to that language, which is what OS.js detects and uses as default. Sidenote: language should not change randomly because the configuration is static and relies on the browser agent info – so I don’t know what the 9/10 is about.

You can override this in your src/client/config.js file.


hi, my language is set to english (using chrome incognito)

is there a way you could show a way to override it in the client config?


Just like you’ve done with the desktop settings:

export default {
  locale: {
    language: 'en_EN',
  desktop: {
    settings: {
      font: 'Roboto',
      theme: 'Windows8Theme',
      sounds: 'FreedesktopSounds',
      icons: 'GnomeIcons',
      panels: [{
        position: 'bottom',
        items: [
          {name: 'menu'},
          {name: 'windows'},
          {name: 'tray'},
          {name: 'clock'}


thanks! that worked just fine!

i would try and install a plugin to mark a topic as solved- it helps


Yeah, I probably should get some plugins, but this discourse instance is really unstable, heh. Sometimes even updates fails and I have to do something manually. I broke something when I was trying out various extensions and could not get it reverted and kinda never looket at it again.

I should probably just do a backup of all the threads and users and set up a new one.


yeah, or go discourse hosted


Nah. I don’t really want to have a monthly fee ($100+) for something that’s not active (enough). I have my own hosting which costs me basically zero :ok_hand:


oh no discourse hosting is free- you just apply and they make a decsion to accept or not.

Just an idea if it becomes too unstable :wink:


I actually had this free option because I had 3k+ stars on Github. Which I transfered over to my own server because the free options comes with locked in plugins etc. Also, you have to upgrade to the $100 to use your own domain – so, meh, hehe :slight_smile:


yep, but they handle updates and stuff for you- but i would still rather have control lol


Mhm. I believe the update process has been streamlined quite a lot over the years, so it’s probably doable just to have an automatic update batch job on the server.


yeah, seems easier and simple to handle