Localhost problems


I want to access my os.js installation anywhere, my port is open but the server needs to be running on a ipv4 address. However I can’t find where I can change that. So I am asking here if that is possible



I’ll make an update that allows you to easily configure this. I’ll get back to you ASAP.


According to the Node doucmentation it should by default listen on:

If the hostname is omitted, the server will accept connections on the unspecified IPv6 address (::slight_smile: when IPv6 is available, or the unspecified IPv4 address ( otherwise.

But I’ll add so you can override it.


I’ve added this option now: https://github.com/os-js/OS.js/commit/3adf1a0b8129d01bc910d82e97e9336ffec0277a

However, you really should look into using a reverse-proxy if you’ve opening up to the web. This way you don’t have to open anything more then the standard HTTP port (80) and have a layer between the world and your OS.js instance.



Thank you! This forum is great, very fast replies. heart_eyes:LOVE IT!!!:heart_eyes:


Glad I could be of help! :slight_smile: