OS.js v3 release



Christmas last year, I switched the main branch on Github to v3, and updated all docs to point to this release. And seeing how no major issues has been reported (or detected by the automated system), this version is now officially the master.

This means that v2 is now deprecated and will receive no updates (with exception of contributions).

I will probably at some point change the master branch of the base repository to the current v3, then transition the old v2 into its own repository. This will ensure that the history is not rebased and that contribution stats will persist. Main reasoning behind this is that as of now cloning the entire repo takes ages (and the physical size is quite big) and it is now mainly used as a template because all of the actual sources has been split up into separate modules, etc.

A huge thanks to the testers, translators and everyone that came on by to report issues and request features.

– Anders


You’re walecome. I hope to continue supporting the project as long as it’s still being developed.


Good news!

I can’t wait to try the new version with the SpaceBoy plugins :slight_smile: