Osjs V3 authentication problem


Hi there,

I configured MySQL authentication by following this instraction"https://github.com/os-js/osjs-database-auth", afterward, I created “a user called admin in mysql database”. Also I created admin directory in vfs. However, everything is ok except for the fact that when I click login button I log into whether I write username and password or not. The page redirects into the app without any check process.

Any help, please?



It sounds like maybe you’re missing this step: https://github.com/os-js/osjs-database-auth#configure-server

If that’s not correctly configured, the standard behavior will still occur, which is to log in no matter what username/password is used.


Also make sure that you restart the server after making changes to any of the src/server files.


Many thanks,

the problem was “AuthServiceProvider” was registered twice, the default registration before the MySQL related registration. So I deleted the first one and it works now.


Glad to hear its working :slight_smile: