RDP Client on OS-js


hi, i’ve installed a os-js on ubuntu server 18.04. how i can installa rdp client on os-js?



Sorry for the late response. Seems like email notifications were not sent out.

There’s currently no RDP client on OS.js as far as I know, but that would be a great application.

This might make it pretty easy to make :slight_smile:


Would an RDP client honestly be necessary on a web desktop like OS.js?

It would be nice to have but would it be of much use while you can just access your desktop via a url from your browser?


Quite a few people have asked about this in other places as well, so I suppose so.


It doesn’t occur to me why/how one would need a RDP while their desktop can be accessed via a browser out of the box.


Hi there,

I think i might be able to answer that - i was the founder of the orca@desktop webos that later merged with StartForce a great deal of years ago (later renamed to ZeroPC)

Imagine that you use os.js with a linux distro designed to boot directly to a fullscreen web browser… meaning - you only an extremely thin underlying OS - in that case you have rely on applications inside os.js.

Many people (including myself) rely daily on RDP application in order to access other machines/servers for daily work.

My suggestion is to team up with Xtralogic (they make properly the best RDP client for chrome/chromeos.

Ask them to make a version for os.js - they do charge a bit for a client, but introducing say a application store where 3rd party vendors can build on top might be one way to move ahead with application production.

See more here: https://www.xtralogic.com/remote-desktop-client-for-chrome/


Hey. I’ll look into that. Thanks!