Translation of the website and the software?


I’m french and I want to help you. I’m learning javascript (I could help you already but I’ve not so much time for instance) and I know several languages : english, german, french and portuguese. So my question is : is it possible to translate the website (I’m a webdev) or the software ?

Thanks in advance for your answer, and for this useful, original and beautiful software !



OS.js has language support out-of-the box, so it is fairly easy to translate parts of the software.

The webpages are generated from Markdown using some static website generators, so it should be pretty easy to translate these as well. Everything is 100% open-source and on github, so you have everything you need.


Ok. Thank you very much for your answer !
As I’m the maintainer of the Yunohost package osjs_ynh (already spoke of that on Gitter), I will surely try to improve documentation.




Let me know if you have any issues or question regarding translations :slight_smile:


Looks useful. I’m planning to put up a contrib organization on github, and I’ll fork it there so people can see it :slight_smile: