Try to start demo locally but it's not exactly the same :-(



I really love the demo, but I was unable to find some applications like “System Settings” for instance.
I cloned master branch of OS.js.git but top left menu is different, no system settings.

I had a look in documentation but didn’t find yet

So could you help me please ?

Thanks and regards


You probably saw the v2 demo at:

The v3 demo is located here:

Which reminds me, I should update these links.

v2 source code is in the v2 branch


Indeed, it’ was v2.1.6.
No plan to re-develop System settings ? :slight_smile:


There’s a setting application included, but it currently is missing a few bits.

There was some discussion of this here:


I’ve set a reminder on this for the weekend, so hopefully I get to finish the new Settings application styles.


Good to hear! I would like the new look


I at least got started on this, but started from scratch. I wanted to have it so developers can dynamically add modules to it, so I needed to redesign the data structures :slight_smile: