WebBrowser component



Tell me please, how i can add WebBrowser component?
I finded only this: https://github.com/os-js/OS.js-experimental/tree/master/WebBrowser
but this WebBrowser have compability os.js v2.1.0

So, maybe some have webbrowser for os.js v3.x?
Or how i can modify this WebBrowser to use with os.js v3.x?

Thank you!



That “WebBrowser” application is more of a concept thing, because when you’re running OS.js in a browser, there are quite some limitations on what you can do with an iframe. In Electron/NW or things like that, it’s not much of an issue.

To make it work in a browser environment it needs to display the contents via a proxy (you know, kinda like the “free proxy” stuff you find online). I was planning on starting on that, but have not found any time for it.

Probably easier to make a new one for v3 – it’s just a basic iframe with some buttons and such.